فادي الخطيب يضع النقاط على الحروف حول التحاقه بالمنتخب

وصلنا من “التايغر” اللبناني  فادي الخطيب البيان التالي: (سوف ننشره كما هو)


To all basketball lovers and fans

One thing we should do now is to be behind our national team and support them till the end , leave my issue on the side and Our team was never based on one player , we stand behind each player, coaches and the federation now to try and get the goal done .

It’s time I step aside after a lot of years and I think all of you knows when I had critical issues in Lebanon I kept traveling by taxi to Jordan to play the game then coming back to Beirut , I kept doing that for 5 days which took me at least 11 hours on the road every day ,when we left our families in 2006 under the big we war happened on us and went to play for our national team while I was the only player who had kids and and and , be sure that I am honored doing that for Lebanon.

Carrying and serving our country doesn’t mean you only play for Lebanon in the national team , when I am a Lebanese player playing overseas and being one of the top players in China and they say he is from Lebanon that gives me honor and pride because I am born in this wonderful country.

I know you want me to be with the team and that’s why your mad but be sure my heart , mind and soul are in the team and I will be with them every second .

Understanding my decision by retiring internationally will be honoring me for what I did for Lebanon .

Be sure after 2 or 3 years when i stop playing this game you will remember all what I am saying now.

Support Lebanon till the end

All my love and respect to each one of you .

May god bless our team.

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